You, Me & Depression: A Battle of of Heart and Mind

Last year was tough. I spent the entire time trying to run away from the fact that I was no longer just having a bit of a downswing. No, it was no longer something I could come back from alone. While in this depression, I met someone I fell in love with and ultimately had to let go. 

This book will show you the excruciating highs and the seriously dark lows that come along with love, depression and finding yourself. Just as I survived the lows, you too will be able to battle your mental health. This book is for anyone who's ever experienced mental illness, been in love or just have been touched by either. This is my year-long journey of finding strength in the toughest of times.


The Single Girl's Guide To Living And Laughing (And Sometimes Loving)

"The Single Girl's Guide To Living And Laughing (And Sometimes Loving)" is a book full of essays on the different stages of love. This book sets out to make you feel things, real things, about love, heartbreak, sex, and everything in between. 

If you've ever been in love or if you're still waiting for it to find you, this book will have something for you. Through laughter and pain, Alexandria Brown aims to take you to those places where you felt something, even if all it was is hope for the future.